Getting Ready to Make the Move

We have almost everything finished where the real estate stuff is concerned. The buyer is in a big hurry to have us out of the house and even willing to pay for an austin moving company so that they can get us out of the way. It is a great house and I would stay here if it made sense for us, but the kids are all gone and it is about three times as big of a house as the two of us need right now. Then there is the land around it. I loved having it all when I was a younger man, but right now it is a bit too much for me. I have almost 10 acres, of which about one half is cleared. I used to have three horses and a couple of ponies, and there was plenty of scrub land to go riding on back when I bought this piece of land in 1986. Now the urban sprawl has caught up to it.

The buyer is not really all that interesed in the house itself. In fact he is just the front man for a group of developers who have already bought a couple of other pieces of land. They probably want to build a shopping mall, but they offered me so much money that I really do not have to care what they want to do. We probably could have held out for more, but this is going to make me a millionaire even after all of the taxes are paid. Of course I am going to figure out how to pass some of it along to the kids. I had enough money saved to last me and Serena just fine. Now we can do a lot of things we would like to do, but we do not need half of it.

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