Spent the Summer Working for My Uncle

I have been helping out my Uncle Mike this summer, but working off of the books because he is being cheap and I am a little bit young for this sort of work according to the law. He has a contract to help renovate a whole bunch of apartments in cary nc, which is of course not very far from where I live. I sort of wonder if he is not really more interested in my truck and the two of us are sort of at odds over the fact that he is wanting me to drive around without really paying me back for all of my gas. In fact I am telling him that he needs to pay me for the miles too, because I know how this stuff is supposed to work and I know what other people would charge him. So we have been haggling quite a bit and neither of us is all that satisfied.

I am coming out ahead, but my problem is that this a thousand dollar truck, a 1979 Ford F 150 and there is just so much more that it is going to be able to take. I bought it from this old farmer in Caswell County and my hope is that it is going to last me a couple of years. Of course I got a truck for one reason, because I needed to be able to pull my Dad’s landscape trailer and a mower that my Grandfather was willing to lend me to make some money with. Uncle Mike offered me more than I could have made doing that, but I still do a couple of yard jobs where I make good money and do not have to burn up a ton of gas in the process. I did not really figure that Mike wanted me to run my truck all over the region though.

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