I Like to Work with the Professionals

I was starting to look for a new house as my family and I out grew our old house and while I was looking forward to the fact that I was going to have the house of my dreams, I was a little worried that we were not going to find a house that was in my price range. There are many people that told me to work with one of the best real estate agents in the area and if I went to the the panorama then I would be able to find them and they would want to work with me since they thought that we would have a great working relationship. I was really happy to think that I was going to be working with people that were nice and I made an appointment and a set time to go and meet with them so we could discuss what I was looking for.

I have to say that I was really happy that I listened to my friends because when I got there, they said that they were going to work with me so that I could get the home of my dreams. I wanted to also go to a nicer area as I was not happy with my kids school district. I figured that if we moved to one of the nicer areas around us that we would be able to actually get a better school system because in theory it makes a lot of sense, if you are moving to a nicer area then you are going to be getting a nicer school district because you are paying for the higher taxes. I looked on the web site from the state to see the test scores and it was true, nicer areas had higher scores.

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